With the recent happy news of Los Angeles’ ban on bullhooks, animal advocates and lovers can now rejoice again as the UK announces its soon-to-be official ban on ALL wild animals in circuses, joining other European nations like Austria, Greece, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ban is intended to be fully instituted starting in December 2015.

Prior to the all-country ban announcement, over 200 UK local authorities had placed bans on animal circuses with over two-thirds banning all performing animals, according to Animal Defenders International.

Leading animal protection nonprofits and associations such as the RSPCA, Born Free Foundation, the British Veterinary Association and the Captive Animals Protection Society worked together on the campaign to bring UK’s ban from dream to reality.

To ease circuses off from the use of animals, the RSPCA and Born Free Foundation have offered to help circus owners re-home their animals, reports the Daily Express.

An official date for the legislation still needs to be passed but the government is confident that it will. When it does, anyone who breaks the law after December 2015 will receive a heavy £5,000 ($8,000) fine, according to the BBC.

Earlier this year, there was some struggle in moving the ban forward as many felt a prohibition of all wild animals from circus went too far.

Some argued, including the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) select committee, that the ban should be limited to big cats and elephants only and that the government should still allow other species, like zebras and snakes, to be featured, as reported by the BBC.

Members of the British parliament decided that such an exception makes little sense as there is no basis for protecting just a select group of animals. And they’re right — no wild animal belongs in a circus — they belong in the wild.

From LA’s announcement to the UK’s, today is certainly a grand day for circus animals and the animal protection movement!

Responses to "UK Ban on ALL Wild Animals in Circuses to Go into Effect in 2015 (Video)"

  1. benni says:

    Good for them. Animals are not our slaves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would agree with the no wild animals in circuses. But with that said what about Zoology Parks.
    Some have adequate habitat. But others don't. What is the discretion of adequate? And what is the discretion of wild animals. Elephants can be as domesticated as a horse or any other work animal. So are elephants and horses still allowed, What about monkeys and chimpanzees. Well train could be considerate domestic too.

    I could see this in America it would get ridiculous. But Yeah I think some type of guideline need tobe thought out as well as a quality standard set for animals like this considering they're professional performers.

  3. no animals in the circus, how tragic, had i never seen a lion or tiger or elephant as a child at the circus i would not care if they lived or died. By removing every animal in the wild from humans you have taken the first step to making them all extinct, How you ask, simple. Big business is overtaking the jungles ,every piece of land that is goverment owned is being destroyed for big business , Killing the animals and also the natives is no big deal they have been doing it for ever in the name of progress, The people in power are corrupt along with the power players, so the only hope that any living breathing animal has is private ownership, be it circus,disney,bush gardens ,sea world etc, these animals are not abused and live a safe life. people are able to see them and bond with them because they see a living thing, not a stuffed animal in a musty building. A world without animals i would rather not live in, A world without humans is perfect. everywhere you look you see man making laws to control someone , or destroying or killing just because he can, THIS IS A TERRIBLE LAW and it will destroy circus and put them out of business, I know you will say great, because YOU want it but does the rest of the world , THERE IS AN OLD SAYING be careful what you wish for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to see that there will be no more animals in the circus but worries me is what will be come of them.will they be put in zoo's or parks. I know some of the animals have been mistreated in the circus.But finding them suited places to live I believe has created another problem which I don't believe has been thought through very well.Yes we want to protect the animals from abuse but what is the right alternative for all these creatures.We need to make the right choices for them as they can't speak for them self''s.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not for my entertainment. My kitties and dogs at home will do when I fetch the ball!

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