Absolutely amazing moment captured on camera that is sure to make you smile today: an adorable cheetah licking a GoPro.

The video was posted by GoPro and 'captured' by Matthew Copham, "a Safari Footprints guide" who does tours throughout the African wilderness.

Matthew Copham has travelled through the African wilderness for over 17 years. After a few years guiding in South Africa, he arrived in Botswana in 2002 he fell in love with the country’s diverse eco-systems, open spaces and pure wilderness.

He is a published and award winning wildlife photographer and a conservationist by heart. Matthew has published a photographic book and several other publications all of which have had incentives for helping people and wildlife in Botswana. He also heads up a conservation company in Botswana, funding research projects and purchasing land for conservation projects.

Matthew has a significant following of repeat clientele who visit Africa regularly. Matthew lives in Maun and conducts safaris throughout Africa.


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  1. diana says:

    take care of those greats!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful strong runner.

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