Seahawks fans were caught gawking and posing for photos around one of the more artistic team tributes seen in Seattle this weekend.

Bonney Lake chain saw artist Jacob Lucas placed his latest creation in the back of his pick-up truck and took it on a tour of Seattle.

“12th man pride, that’s what it’s saying,” said Lucas of the Native American influenced carving that he etched out during the last three weeks.

The six-foot tall sculpture is made from two cedar logs. It features a Seahawk head and ornate carvings of feathers and moccasins etched with a “12” and the space needle on the belt buckle.

“I like it because it reflects back to our Native American heritage around here. It’s something we’re really proud of in this city,” said Rebecka Shea, as she saw the sculpture cruise by her Pioneer Square office building.

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Lucas said he carved the Seahawk to combine his love the Hawks with his Native American heritage.

“I would personally love to see it back in the city – in the stadium – for everyone to enjoy,” said Lucas.


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