The Cherokee Nation became the 59th tribe to join the InterTribal Buffalo Council during a recent meeting in Las Vegas.

Joining the InterTribal Buffalo Council is the initial step in determining whether it is feasible for the tribe to acquire bison for tourism or commercial use.

“The Cherokee Nation’s acceptance into the InterTribal Buffalo Council is a very positive move in the bison acquisition process,” said Gunter Gulager, director of Cherokee Nation Natural Resources. “As a member of this council, the tribe will have access to the bison within our country’s national parks and be able to call upon experts to aid in the development of a business plan that best suits the tribe.”

The InterTribal Buffalo Council coordinates the transfer of surplus buffalo from national parks to tribal lands. It also provides training and technical assistance to its members. At least three other Oklahoma tribes are members, according to the InterTribal Buffalo Council website.

The Cherokee Nation Natural Resources department will work with the InterTribal Buffalo Council to develop a business plan that is expected to go before the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council in January or February.

VIDEO An American Indian icon: the importance of buffalo in tribal culture

Responses to " Cherokee Nation Takes First Step to Acquire Bison (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is good. I saw a report/video this past spring that wild Bison have moved into the mountains of North Carolina on their own and the wildlife federation is trying to keep people from feeding them so they will remain wild. I am glad the People are taking their rightful part to watch over and protect the Bison. Some of my ancestors are Choikamawga Cherokee that married the early German and Scotch-Irish settlers of the 1700's when the southeast was first being invaded by the whites. I feel great ties to all my ancestors, but those from this land, which is my homeland, hold a special part in my daily life.

  2. Dana Fine says:

    I am so glad to finally see something on the Cherokee nation from all four sides of my family there is Cherokee blood... or so I have been told three confirmed!

  3. As an advocate for the American Buffalo for several years I see this as a good thing. The tribes can easily raise a nice herd and use what they need for sustenance and all else the Buffalo offers. I would hope they are able to keep individual Buffalo families together. Protect them from poachers and cattle ranchers.

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