A dog trapped on a cliffside in Costa Verde, Peru, had a dramatic rescue after a rescue group and police rushed to his aid. The dog was stuck perilously on the edge of the beach cliff for several hours.

His leg was tangled in vegetation and as soon as he was freed he tried to climb down the steep, sandy embankment. In a scary moment (see the video) he tumbles down the hill. Luckily his rescuers were prepared below with a tarp to catch him and prevent him from getting hurt!

The dog suffered some bumps and bruises and was taken to the vet. Although he had a collar, there is no news yet as to whether his owner stepped forward to claim him.(Source)

Note: Costa Verde (standard Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation: English: Green Coast) is a coastline in Brazil (chiefly in Rio de Janeiro state), which runs from Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro state, to Santos, São Paulo state. In São Paulo it is known as litoral norte (northern coast).

Brazil's Costa Verde is characterized by the Serra do Mar escarpment reaching Atlantic Ocean, creating a mountainous landscape very near the coast. It can be considered the greatest extension of Atlantic Forest biome reaching the ocean, between Baixada Fluminense (Fluminense Lowlands) and Baixada Santista (Santos Lowlands). (Wikipedia)


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