It looks like a scene from a Disney movie - puppies, tortoises, fawns and zebras living together in harmony - but at the Rocky Ridge Refuge it's reality.

The non-profit organization in Midway, Arkansas is home to as many as 60 animals at a time - and the wide range of species have grown into one big, loving family.

Owner Janice Wolf set up the shelter 20 years ago to help wildlife and pets in need of medical care, allowing them to heal and find new homes - although some have moved in permanently.

Among her long-term residents are Cheesecake the capybara, Crouton the African Sulcata tortoise, Barcode the zebra, Butterbean the bull terrier and Bazinga the miniature horse.

'Brad has a crate in the kitchen to sleep in and the dogs have taught him how to use the the dog door - so he soon became one of the pack,' Wolf says.

Wolf, who studied social work and counseling before working as a technician for a veterinarian, set up the shelter to rescue and raise wildlife and sick pets after long caring for animals.

Among her former residents, she has raised a one-eyed Llama, an orphaned Water Buffalo and a baby Nilgai Antelope with a fractured leg.

Most famously, she cared for Lurch the African watusi steer - who grew to be the Guinness World Record holder for largest horn circumference.

She launched a Facebook page three years ago and her adorable photos became so popular that every year she now sells Rocky Ridge Refuge calendars, which help raise funds.

'I am a small, one woman operation and always have been,' said Wolf, who is able to carry out many of the medical treatments on the animals herself.

VIDEO Unusual animal friendships at animal sanctuary

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  1. Scooby says:

    Very awesome photos and video. I love all animals.

  2. ♪♫love is all you need♫♪

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tortoises should not be eating dog food, it's too high in protein... and sharing the bowl of food is dangerous to other animals since tortoises have parasites that are natural part if it's gut that are not good for other animals. Tortoise needs to be in it's own enclosure with proper temps, where it can dig, eat grasses, and have natural sunlight and or a UV light.

  4. White Wolf you do a wonderful job. Yes possibly you shouldn't let the tourtis and the other animals shouldn't share the same dish, but other than that YOU keep up the good work. All animals need love and care.

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