Red pandas may be known for their solitary nature but these fluffy red animals proved that they were happy to play with friends too.

The animals typically live alone, only looking for a fellow panda to mate with. They spend most of their time climbing trees.

Red pandas are expert climbers and leap distances of up to 5ft. The hair on the bottom of their feet stops them from slipping on branches or skidding on snow. Pictured here are the red pandas at Cincinnati Zoo rolling about in the snow. They kept onlooker's entertained with their energetic moves.

The animals hail from Nepal, Myanmar and central China but due to deforestation they have become an an endangered species and it is rare to see them in their natural habitat. They are related to the giant panda and the raccoon.

They weigh between 12 and 20lbs and measure between 20 and 26 inches - not including their tails which can measure up to 20 inches.

Red pandas are keen to make themselves seem mighty and they stand on their auburn-colored hind legs for up to 10 seconds to make themselves appear larger - as pictured in these photographs.

Much like a cat, they use their sharp claws to defend themselves. Favorite snacks include: bamboo, acorns, fruit and eggs.


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    sååå söta

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    They are so beautiful and funny :) The way they play reminds me of my ferrets <3

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    They are beautiful animals.I love how they love to play & have fun. Thank you for sharing this.

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    So beautiful my God, I love them

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