Eddie Ahyakak, Iñupiaq, and his two teammates have won National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Known as Team Endurance, the group consisted of Ahyakak, dog musher Dallas Seavey, and Sean Burch, a mountain climber and marathoner. Ahyayak, who hails from Barrow, Alaska, is described on the National Geographic website as a marathon runner and mountain climber whose skills also include whaling, packrafting, hunting and ice fishing. In his professional life, Ahyakak serves on the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation board of directors, and is also a refinery operator for Petro Star Inc. in North Pole.

In the finale of Ultimate Survival Alaska, Team Endurance bested three other teams in a race across 35 miles of turbulent whitewater seas and then up to the 4,000-foot summit of Augustine Volcano.

“It was a huge honor to represent our people in a way that is consistent with our Iñupiaq values and to share some of our amazing culture with the world,” Ahyakak said, according to AlaskaDispatch.com. “I hope it inspires our young kids to work hard and to believe in themselves.”

To get a taste of Ultimate Survival Alaska, watch the sizzle reel below from Brian Catalina Entertainment. Episode highlights can be watched on-demand at Channel.NationalGeographic.com.

Ultimate Survival Alaska Season 2 Sizzle Reel from Brian Catalina Entertainment on Vimeo.

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