The Sayaka Cultural Group, descendants from the Sayaka Inka village, brought the Condor Dance to unify with the Eagle in the North.

They traveled from the highest lake in the world, (sacred Lake Titicaca in Puno,Peru) to come to The Gathering of Ancestors and share their sacred dance and music.

This fulfilled a 500 year old prophecy handed down by their ancestors that the time would come when the Eagle and Condor would reunite.

The mission of these Condor wings, which are 5 generations old, was finally accomplished. This was the last time they will be used in the Condor dance. They would be retired to the River of The Condor upon returning to Peru.

The Condor-Dance symbolizes the mysteries of life and death. The Condor as a messenger of the deities, circling high above the Andes and bringing the souls of the deceased into the realm of the dead. Another aspect emphasizes the role of the Condor as a messenger to the gods. During this dance Apu Kuntur carries the wishes up into the sky and deliveres them to the gods. The vulture per se is the dark, typhonic brother of the solar bird: The twins (Marassa, Seth - Horus).





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