Bought by a family in Kosovo when she was just three weeks old and kept illegally in an apartment, Ema the bear cub's future looked bleak. And lonely.

But this is actually the tale of three little bears, with a happy ending.

Three weeks later, not only did local police rescue Ema from the flat in Peja, she has also been introduced to two other cubs - of the same age, and discovered in the same town - who are probably her brothers.

The authorities first became aware of the case after the family posted details on Facebook outlining how they acquired and kept the young bear.

Last Wednesday, police and the Environment Ministry staff confiscated the female brown bear cub.

And yesterday, the other two cubs - which have been named Ron and Oska - were found at another family's home in the same city, in the west of Kosovo.

A health check will now be carried out to determine whether the three are siblings.

The trio are currently being looked after by the international animal welfare organisation Four Paws at its bear sanctuary in Prishtina.

UPDATE: They are finally released back to the wild 


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  1. Fili says:

    They are so cute. Thank you for saving them. I hope they have a healthy & happy life.

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