Meet Mr. Peabody, a young tawny owl of the World Bird Sanctuary. He’s having a blast splashing around in the tub!

The World Bird Sanctuary is both a unique St. Louis attraction and entertaining environmental education opportunity. With over 305 acres and over 200 animals in their care, they offer a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience.

The World Bird Sanctuary’s mission is to preserve the earth’s biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. They work to fulfill that mission through education, captive breeding, field studies and rehabilitation.

The World Bird Sanctuary is one of North America’s largest facilities for the conservation of birds. WBS is on the leading edge of public awareness regarding the plight of bird species worldwide.

If you find an ill or injured bird of prey, please call them at (636) 861-1392.


Responses to "Daily Cute: Bath Time for Mr. Peabody the Owl (Video)"

  1. Fili says:

    Mr. Peabody is so cute....

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very cute owl, but I suggest a different singer.

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