The special powers of the grizzly itself were celebrated each year by Native American tribes that practiced the "Bear Dance." Practiced by many tribes in western North America, at its core laid the belief that Native Americans are grizzlies in human form

These "grizzlies shaped like men" would perform the ritual dance each spring to rouse their furry relatives from hibernation. In exchange for this service, Native Americans received friendship and protection from their more animal-like kin, the grizzlies.

As preparations for the Bear Dance commenced, it was believed that spirit messengers traveled from bear den to bear den, gently coaxing the snoozing inhabitants from their slumber. With the ceremony underway, the loud chanting of the singers, the relentless pounding of the drummers and the violent stomping of the dancers fully awakened the groggy grizzlies.

These Native Americans tribes believed they would change back into bears upon death. As such, the dance had a second purpose, which was to send messages to deceased loved ones.

Furthermore, part of the hope was that, in return for the wakeup call, the grizzlies would use their supernatural powers to help the tribe. It was believed that in addition to great wisdom, grizzlies possessed immortal invulnerability, healing powers and that they knew the secrets of medicinal herbs. It is easy to see where such beliefs originated – grizzlies eat a broad array of plants, berries and roots and are incredibly difficult to kill with weapons such as spears or hand axes. In fact, to fell a grizzly was considered one of the most honored and revered feats among some Native American tribes...


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