Cub rescued after getting his head stuck inside a tin and walking blindly along 30ft ledge

An animal rescuer saved the life of a fox cub that got its head stuck in a discarded tin... and almost plunged 30ft over a cliff in the process.

Wildlife Aid Foundation veterinary nurse Lucy Kells rushed from the charity’s base in Leatherhead, Surrey, when a resident spotted the cub in their garden with its head trapped in the empty can.

Despite its predicament, the cub was wandering around blindly and Lucy had to chase it into the bushes to catch it, unaware of the 30ft abyss a few inches away.

She managed to clasp hold of a nearby tree with one hand and reach out for the sightless fox with the other.

Foundation boss Simon Cowell, who also went on the call, said ‘The next thing, I saw Lucy lying flat out, with one arm around the branch of a bush, and leaning over a thin wire fence that looked as if it was about to give way.

‘She called out "I’ve got him" but it was at that moment I saw that immediately beyond her was a 30ft drop.

‘Lucy is absolutely terrified of heights, but she had been so focused on saving the fox cub that she had not even noticed that there was a sheer drop.

‘She had got hold of the cub with one hand and the branch with the other. Luckily I was in the nick of time to grab both Lucy and the cub and pull them back to safety.’

The can was removed with the help of wife cutters and the male fox cub was released unharmed.


Responses to "Fox Cub Rescued From Tin Can (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    awesome peoples, to help the kit n send em back on the way, totally awesome.......fox

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic rescue
    Thank you so much

  3. margaret says:

    Earth angels thank you for saving this little fox cub x

  4. swstar says:

    shows you how dangerous any human-made litter can be. we've got to be more careful to pick it up so the poor wildlife doesn't get stuck in it. Makes me determined to pick up more trash!

  5. Unknown says:

    YAY!!!! poor fella

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