Saving Wolves from extinction is important to all the food chain and the world

Even though there is not a clear case of a human being killed by a healthy wolf, the popular society has been quick to label them as vicious, bloodthirsty and ferocious predators. For more than 200 hundred years, wolves have been hunted, trapped, and poisoned for a multitude of irrational motives. To this day only a small number of wolves can be found in Eastern Europe, China and North America thanks to the efforts of wild life organizations who have included them on the list of endangered species.

Although wolves may look different from each other in color and size, most of the North American and Canadian Gray wolves, belong to variations of the species called “Canis Lupus” in the north and ”Canis Rufus” which is the red wolf limited to the South Eastern United States. Wolves are one of the largest relatives on the family of dogs. An average-size wolf may weigh 90 to 120 pounds, stands 25 to 30 inches from the ground and stretch five to six feet from nose to tail. Wolves look much like a “German Shepherd dog” with a thicker fur and a bushy tail.

In many ways, a wolf resembles dogs and lions: Like dogs, because wolves are very intelligent, protective, playful and loyal to their family. Like lions because they are tactical hunters that work together to catch their prey. Yet lions are called “Kings of the Jungle”, Dogs are called “Man’s best friends” while wolves are irrationally feared, misunderstood and mystified as “sly, evil and malicious”.

Wolves live in packs, a kind of extended family, which may count from five to twenty five members. Wolves are adaptable to live in forest, grassland, mountains and frozen tundra of the far north. They travel, hunt, eat, fight and play together under the leadership of a pair called the Alpha male and the Alpha female. Every member of a pack has a place; some wolves are higher and some are lower within a dominance hierarchy that helps to prevent fighting and maintain the unity of the pack.

The dynamics of a wolf pack are complex, intricate and profound. .Interactions between pack members transmits past experience, regulates individual behavior, reinforce the pack structure and keep their size within an ecological balance to the extend of available prey. The wolf has the ability to put aside his or her immediate need for the good of the pack. Equally, the pack has the ability to recognize and meet the needs of each individual wolf within the group. This central characteristic determines the diversity and hence the strength of the pack. As Kipling said more than 100 years ago in The Jungle Book, “The Strength of the pack is the wolf , and the strength of the wolf is the pack”.

People like Jamie and Jim Dutcher, who live and work with wolves, say that they are very near in nature to humans. Wolves are highly sensitive to emotions and like humans, are individuals, each one is to be taken on their own terms and personal characteristics. Feelings and emotions are subjective and prone to change; therefore are no easy to understand and describe. But for the wolf, as well as for humans, feelings are an essential component of the stuff of life. Fondness, playfulness, tolerance, celebration, jealousy, depression, irritability and even rage, are few of the comparative behavior patterns observed.

When a baby wolf is born, the mother wolf stays with the pup during the first few weeks and usually don’t have to hunt. The father and other members of the pack, will bring her food and provide additional protection. As the pups grow, play becomes the primary outlet for exercise, hierarchical testing and aggression. Wrestling, chasing, digging and chewing skills eventually becomes more hunting oriented. Thus through games and role playing, wolves test their strength and weakness which will determine their role and place within the dominance order of the pack. After about two years, the wolf is old enough to stay within the ranks of the family or leave to find mate and start a new pack.

Wolves can run for miles without tiring. Their legs and toes are long with strong muscles, which help them to take longer steps and move faster. Wolves hunt alone to catch small preys and in group to chase, encircle and bring a large animal to a standstill.

Like most predators, wolves have marvelous sense of hearing, sight and smell. They also are equipped with powerful jaws and pointed teeth well-suited for catching, tearing flesh and eating other animals.

Wolves communicate by body gestures, smells and sounds. Physical postures are continue reminder of social status among pack members for dominance, submission, exploration, greeting and friendliness. Wolves have a keener sense of smell and large olfactory lobes in the brain for processing information. Scent glands located on their head, toes and tail are used to mark objects and territory. Sent marking is used by wolves to define their own boundaries as much as to advertise to outsiders were the lines are drawn.

When wolves gather together for bonding, mating or playing, they make all kind of sounds. Vocal communication include high-pitched squeaking and whining used for submission and greetings. Barking and growling are used as threat, challenge or warning. Howling is the most mystified and famous call of the wolves. Contrary to popular belief, howling is not more frequent during full moons. It is used regularly and for an infinite number of reasons; There are welcoming howls for assembling the pack before or after a hunt, to claim territory or just for the socialization pleasure of it when every one in the pack joins the chorus.

Researchers believe that howling and other vocalization carry individual pieces of information which characterize each wolf by a spectrograph or voice print. Since more dominant animals tend to have greater overtones, the voice print could be read by others to understand the different messages and something about the social status of a particular wolf.

The howling can be herd from three to six miles away making the imagination of anyone to believe that the wolves are nearby.. Although many people have heard howling, few people have close encounter with wolves. First, there are few wild wolves to see and second, wolves are travelers, curious-but-scared of humans and prefer to stay away from populated areas.

In today’s world, the wild wolf can not survive without governmental support, human understanding and public education to separate facts from fiction after centuries of misinformation.


Responses to "Why It's So Important to Save the Wolves (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I raise bison in the Adirondack Mts. of Upper New York State. While we do not see a lot of wolves, they DO exist here. We have seen single wolves several times and they have NEVER disturbed our stock. We have watched them lie down and watch for hours, but never approach. These are NOT coyotes, we have lots of those (which will try to attack a buffalo calf) and you can easily see the difference between coyotes and wolves. My husband came face to face with one (the length of a hay wagon away) when each rounded a corner of said wagon and both stopped in their tracks. The two of them just stared until my husband broke eye contact for a split second and the wolf melted into the brush.
    I don't want to tell other people what to do in their home area (we get that all the time here in the Adirondack Park), but I personally have no problem with wolves and am thrilled to see them on the rare occasions when I do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    they are an awesome creature and it would be a loss if we were to lose them .and they must be saved at all costs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    move them to a safe area, rockies or upper Montana or even higher up there no reson to kill animals what is going to be left for ur children and there children?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I believe the wolf is a spiritual creature and so beautiful. No reason to kill them, I agree move them to a safe area.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The wolf is smarter than man.
    The wolf kills for food, man kills for pleasure.
    The wolf will be faithful to his wife all his life (until his death), the man several women in his life.
    The wolf is not hypocritical, man is a hypocrite.
    The wolf kills the man to defend himself, the man kills the wolf, to have fun.

    If we compare the two ... We can say without any hesitation that man is the living being the most dangerous in the world and it is he who should be killed instead of the wolf.

    The wolf should be free. We must stop hunting just for the pleasure of killing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have to Wolfs
    Spirit is the daughter of
    Lobo is Spirits Father
    I love them both there like my children

  7. Anonymous says:

    Animals should be free,but humans won't allow them

  8. DENISE says:

    Mankind: Searches for life on other planets - meanwhile it destroys and ignores life on this planet?


  9. Anonymous says:

    If you hunt for subsistence like many of us here in the the mountains of northern Idaho you would have a very different perspective of these animals. I take exception to anonymous that says that "wolves kill only for food". Come to my mountains and see with your own eyes the desecration of the elk, moose and deer herds. The elk herds have already been dealt a lethal blow – with elk populations 30- to 40-percent below where they were just 8 to 10 years ago. According the some people in these areas. it would take 30 years for the herds to be rebuilt to late 1990s levels (before the impact of the wolf). And the numbers of wolves continues to climb!! I have personally observed packs as large as 16 wolves!! Not a good thing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    we need the wolves they are apart of us,they are beautiful animals they are all angels,

  11. Unknown says:

    all wolfs and vild animals schall live in peace and be fri

  12. Unknown says:

    all wolfes and wild animals schood be fre andlive a good life ,dont hurt them thej are beutifull animals

  13. Anonymous says:

    People who hunt wolves are really stupid. they are very majestic animals. its sad to see such beautiful creatures being killed

  14. I sorry animals that humans are so stupid! I am one of thousands trying to help save you all from extinction. But most humans either hide in fear from horror of your posted dead body bodies on the net to help spread the word of this evil crime or don't care. I cry for animals that suffer around the world and hope they are screaming in fear and confusion instead of pain as they take their last breath.

  15. Anonymous says:

    please save the wolves they are meant to be here just like us!

  16. Jean says:

    I Love The Wolves

  17. Unknown says:

    I am a hunter I hunt for food and I have come into a few situations of coming in between a wolf pack and what they are hunting and I can tell you its a very erri feeling . But they are only doing what that have to,to survive and they need to be respected , and I have dogs and won't let them wonder mostly when its getting close to the evening because wolfs do look for there next meal its instinct that's how they survive . If you listen to the lady she hits it on the nail .We all need to stop being ignorant and go with nature it has its own way to survive and we have to respect that its natures way .

  18. Mila Ug-S says:

    Hey people! How much can you kill? Stop the killing of wolves!

  19. Anonymous says:

    wolves don,t kill humans ) humans kills wolves and so much more this is just lack of RESPECT

  20. R.Reiman says:

    Leave the wolves alone they are spiritual creatures they belong to the land like fish to water they are the wild and free ,they taught man to hunt they are the spirit of the wild they are children of mother earth they are needed as the grass grows as the wind blows as the sun shines as the rain falls

  21. R.Reiman says:

    If wolves might turn out to be trouble it is very easily solved by recording a wolf pack howl in Norway, Germany, Poland or Russia and play that in so called wolf troubled areas , the wolves will think they have been replaced by another wolf pack and will stay clear of the area because they can't confront the new wolf pack =play back ,and so live in peace with the wolf. all is one and one is all

  22. Anonymous says:

    we need to save the wolves because they are important to the food chain. If we lose them, not only will the world be less beautiful. but it will be a sad and empty place

  23. Unknown says:

    I agree DENISE!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Man has ruined everything...overbuilding, which pushes our wildlife out of their environment so they Have to come inland to find food. We wonder why we see all these animals in our backyards or so close. We kill this specie for this reason and kill that specie for that reason, which white man thinks is the right think to do. Why dont we let nature do its thing....we probably cant because we destroy everything and get involved with all these different reasons why we should control wildlife. Testing out ways in thinking these ways are best for the land and mother nature. Do like the native americans did. we should have learned from them. Buffalo didnt become extint or other species.it was white man who has destroyed these animals. The wolf is spiritual and we have lived with them for years and years and now it's another animal that white people have to touch! White man is wrong. Leave these creatures that god put on this earth for a reason alone.

  25. Unknown says:

    They beautiful & magnificent & should be protected!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Humans are the real killers of everything wild. We should cull the humans because there are way too many for this planet. Leave the wild animals alone and let them live in peace.

  27. Unknown says:

    Wolves are suppose to stay in the wild without killing. Please save the wolves!

  28. Anonymous says:

    We need to save these beautiful animals. Don't repeat the past!!

  29. Art-Ika says:

    they are essential to the balance of nature...

  30. the wolf is a secred animal and we need to save them

  31. Charlene Gillis says:

    Please learn about and preserve our Wolves. They need our help. We all are responsible for encroaching on their homes to have our so called civilized world and life. You are our government, do the right thing. Help them! I want this Beautiful species to thrive not go exstinct. They should flourish and live!

  32. Unknown says:

    All animals need protection. Please help these beautiful wolves.

  33. Unknown says:

    This is Truly the Fight of Our Lives That is To Damned
    Important to Quit as Natures Balance Depends Upon
    Predators such as Gray Wolves and Red Wolves and
    Mexican Grays to Maintain the Delicate Balance that is
    Sustainable and Diverse and Healthy within the Ecosystems
    they Inhabit and Without These Keystone Predators all the
    Herbivores from Deer to Big Horn Sheep Will Overpopulate
    and As a Result,their Food will Soon Also Vanish under the
    Enormous Herd Sizes Leaving Starvation and Diseases to End
    Many Species Presence here upon planet earth INCLUDING
    SURVIVE! Did Not Think About That Did you Ranchers? Well
    You had Better Start Realizing the Science is Derived from
    Observed Behaviors Patterns and Tendencies of The Gray
    Wolves of North America and Logic and Common Sense are
    Always Included and it Does Not Require a Degree in Biology
    to Comprehend Exactly What will Happen When There are To
    Many of Any Species to Feed them All on the Available Forage DEATH and the Possibility of Extinction of All Dependent Species
    That Also Relied On the Grasses to Sustain themselves Daily...
    One more thing Brothers and Sisters"You are Making This
    Harder then it has to be on Our Wolves By Not JOINING the
    Boycott of the Beef Industry That Would Have this over By Now
    and Wolves would Be Out of the Cross-hairs of Ranchers as
    they can not Afford to Watch their Precious Profits go Down
    the Tubes Unless they Desire Bankruptcy to be The End
    Results of their Billion Dollar Industries Turf Battle with Our
    Mike the Werewolf Collins 1/13/2017......

  34. Never Cry Wolf, Farley Mowat, 1963. Non-fiction. Good read about the sophisticate human-like social values of the apex predator who lives on small mammals on the Canadian arctic tundra. Written by a scientific observer commissioned to live among wolves to try to determine, not if, but why wolves eat diminishing herds of Caribou. Emotionally moving literature.

  35. The Wolves are very important for our Ecosystem. They are the predator and deer, elk, and the prey. They also help keep diseases from happening with the prey. They balance out each other. I have talked to biologist about something different and they were wrong and I was right. I have studied animal's most of my life. You can learn from a book and go out and study animal's but if you don't have Common Sense there is something wrong with you. I went to college to but I have both sides book learning and commen sense. A coyote will attack a cow, a child and pets that's been proven. I understand how ranchers may feel but there are other ways of watching your livestock. People want to exterminate what they don't understand. As I have learned people can be bought off just to kill a species. We have lost so many valuable species to this great big planet that can not be brought back. Take Australia for sample they lost the last one of this kind of animal and he was in captivity in the 1930's and that was the Tasmanian Tiger also called the Thylacine. It was a very powerful predator. But ranchers wanted them killed so a bounty was put on there kind. The last known Thylacine was captured in 1933 and its name was Benjamin it died in 1936 the last one. They were also in Tasmania too. They were also called Tasmanian Tiger's or Tasmanian Wolves because of there appearances. The reason I told you about this species overseas is because they are trying to bring them back to life by their DNA they have. Also the other reason is that I want people to learn from past mistakes that people have caused and learn more about the animal's you want killed. Knowledge is Everything. The Creatures or Animal's on this planet were here first and they do what the Creator put them here for. All kinds of animal's were killed out of certain places in America and now they are reintroducing them back to those area's. I know that I don't want a wild animals blood on my hands unless it is approved to eat. That is why you hunt deer, elk, antelope, moose, bison, and what ever else you can hunt to ear and survive. You can't eat wolves they are not meant to eat. So people who want the wolves gone that blood will be on your hands and I would hate to be you when you die and go to meet the Creator because you will be judged by your actions. Get some books about wildlife and learn and also get to know the outdoors and see for yourself. Don't be lead around like cattle knowing nothing.

  36. Sibel says:

    Lobo vivo lobo libre
    Abolición a la caza furtiva

  37. ACJ6 says:

    If we were not screwing up nature so badly we wouldn't need to worry about picking and choosing which pack/herd/group of animals we need to slaughter to keep the "number" where we like them to be. If you can shoot with a bullet you can shoot with a tranquilizer and RELOCATE then. Why is killing always the answer. It's sickening the lack of care and concern for our environment and it's inhabitants.

  38. Quiarrah says:

    In the places where wolves have returned like Yellowstone National Park, wolves have managed explosive deer and elk populations, which had eaten valleys barren. That helped bring back trees and shrubs. Birds and beavers, as well as the animals that live in dams, also returned. The wolves helped to provide food for other animals who scavenge like bears and raptors came back for carrion. With more trees controlling erosion, the flows of some rivers were less chaotic, forming pools that became new habitats.

  39. Unknown says:

    Do not make the same mistake that Yellowstone Park made. With out the wolves, the deer & elk population were over running the park. The park had to import wolves from Alberta Canada to re-introduce them into the park to control the elk & deer population. Remember they keep the population of the elk , moose & deer in check & that is good for natural all around.

  40. Unknown says:

    i thought this is a petition site..continue the advocacy guys..

  41. Unknown says:

    I think it's time we start exterminating some humans. The ecosystem NEEDS the wolves. If government is too stupid to see this, start exterminating them first!!

  42. Icky321 says:

    I do not live in America, but the wolf and many other species that are predators that live within your country , they were there before man, and have only become a problem as we as humans have fenced off this land, what separates us is that we can reason, animals can not, all they know is that they need to jump a fence to get to the food sorce, not that it is your prized animal, as it has been said, wolves change the corse of rivers, we in any county around the word need to find a balance where we live in harmony with all that is around us, I hope the wolf stays safe

  43. Unknown says:

    Help these poor babies as much as u can !!!! Love the wolves !!!!

  44. Unknown says:

    Because as use God put them here just like you. Our wildlife makes our world th err or beautiful love them

  45. Unknown says:

    Wolves or so beautiful, and I'm praying that we can keep them from being killed. I think as long Trump in the white house we have a fight keeping them safe. and all the other animals so many stupid people out there wanna hang them heads on walls or just kill them for the fun of it .

  46. Those claiming that wolves are causing the elk and deer population to decline... consider the possibility that it can be mans doing. Deforestation, exploitation of resources, content building, in some areas fracking, oil spills, radiation, pollution.
    Man is the real reason why any animal becomes extinct.

  47. Unknown says:

    Pleeeeease lets do what we can to save every one of these majestic beings... They want to live a full life too...this is just sooo sad beyond belief:(((

  48. Anonymous says:

    Humans have destroyed the ecosystem. Leave nature be, stop interfering with the environment and Mother Earth will take care of the rest.

  49. Anonymous says:

    J aime le loup ,il faut le protéger .
    C est un animal qu il faut respecter comme tant d autres.
    Laissons les tranquillesbpour qu ils puissent vivre en paix.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤����������������th

  50. Djfisher says:

    Live and let live
    Do no harm
    Respect and protect
    Acknowledge the likeness
    Honor the nature of life
    And do no harm..

  51. please Let the wolfs live.

  52. More people love wolves than those who hunt them. Man is the predator who "screwed" up the ecological system set in motion ages ago. Live with nature do not destroy anymore, Wolves belong on earth.

  53. cathy t says:

    please save the wolves from vicious hunters, the wolf so so sad, u can see it in his eyes,save the wolves dont hurt them. too many animals r losing their home to humans, they were here first before humans, save the wolves

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