A poignant testimony to the cruelty of man and humanity of animals. (Fictional film)

Movie Synopsis:  In 1942, the young Jewish girl Misha, her Russian mother Gerusha and her German father Reuven hide from the Germans in a small house in Ardennes, Belgium.

 Misha is very connected to her mother that advises her that if one day a person comes to her saying "love of my life", she would follow him or her without any question. When her parents are captured by the Nazis, Misha is delivered to a German family and the abusive matriarch gives a bad treatment to the girl.

However, she finds support in the family of Ernest and his deranged wife Marthe that supplies groceries to foster family. Misha loves Ernest's dogs and the old man gives a compass to her and tells that her parents have been sent to East to forced labor.

When the old couple is denounced for sheltering the girl and arrested by the Germans, Misha flees through the woods heading east. Along her journey seeking out her parents, she lives and survives with pack of wolves and crosses Germany, Poland reaching Ukraine.

When she sees that Brussels have been released by the allied force, she returns to her hometown and reaches it in March 1945 almost dead, sick and with lice and malnourished. However, Ernest identifies the girl that does not accept that her parents had died in the concentration camp of Sonnenburg. (Source)

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    Touching story

  2. looks great thanks for sharing

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    Where can I find this movie? Please advise.

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    Truly touching

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    Really cool movie!
    Watch it!!!

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    Looks like a good story.... their vfx need a lot of work though :-P

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    Even if it's not a true story, it is a beautiful survival story and there has been stories like it that were true, lot's of kids survived cared for by animals, wolves, chimps, and other animals. Thank you for a beautiful story 😊

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    Very touching story. Wish it was in English though.... was hard to watch the short video and catch the subtitles, before they disappeared, at the same time lol

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    Where can I see this at?

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