At the end of World War One, twenty-year-old Angèle is determined to become France's first female veterinarian. During the course of her adventurous life, she will be the object of rivalry between her betrothed, a visionary industrialist without scruples, and a simple man who has retreated to the mountains to live near the wolves and far away from the madness of mankind. Angele exploits this rivalry to reach her real goal: saving the wolves.

Laetitia Casta stars in director Gilles Legrand's drama concerning an Edwardian-era girl whose fate becomes permanently intertwined with that of the last wolf pack on Mont Blanc.

Angele (Casta) is a child who lives in a French Alpine town with her taxidermist father Leon (Patrick Chesnais). Shortly after Leon receives a pile of wolf corpses that he plans to stuff, Angele notices an orphaned black cub descending from the mountains in search of his family.

Angele realizes that trappers will kill the cub if they find him, so she quietly releases him back into the wild. Years later, following World War I, a local family named The Garcins have struck it rich from business at their foundry; Leon named the Garcin patriarch, Albert, Angele's godfather.

A benevolent and generous soul, Albert has given a local gypsy and her developmentally disabled son Guiseppe (Stefano Accorsi) a lifetime lease on a nearby mountain shack. Giuseppe guards several surviving wolves with his life, taking a special shine to the black pack leader he names Carbone. Meanwhile, Angele - who is now a young woman - longs to become a veterinarian specializing in undomesticated animals.

Though the local men scoff at the idea of a female veterinarian, Angele ignores these naysayers. In order to gain some professional veterinary experience, she recruits circus owner Zhormov (Miglen Mirtchev) to fly her into the mountains that tower above her hometown, where she hopes to find wild animals. During the course of their journey, however, the plane crashes and Angele must wait as Zhormov searches for help. But sometimes help arrives in the most unexpected of forms, such as the black wolf that recognizes Angele's scent from the days when he was just a frightened pup. (Source)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful story, They need to stop killing the wolf.

  2. Anonymous says:

    finally , a film company thrusts forward some real entertainment , something which affects us all , im looking forward to seeing this fil in its entirity . Well done France !!! Save the wolves the world over

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very well done! I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy the whole movie!! When it's available in a DVD, I hope I can find it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks very good but very sad.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Intense & beautiful!

  6. Unknown says:

    Any one have a link to watch/rent/buy this with english subs or dubs? Thanks!

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