Watch an adorable German shepherd puppy named Zoey play with her father, Bravo, who is a certified therapy dog. 

At first Dad isn’t having any of it… but with a little bit of convincing he jumps right into play mode!

German Shepherds are large sized dogs. The breed standard height at the withers is 60–65 cm (24–26 in) for males and 55–60 cm (22–24 in) for females.

The weight standard is 30–40 kilograms (66–88 lb) for males and 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb) for females. The forehead of a German Shepherd is only slightly arched when seen from the front and side, and tapers gradually, without a pronounced stop, to a long wedge-shaped powerful muzzle. The jaws are strong, with a scissor-like bite.

The eyes are medium-sized and brown with a lively, intelligent and self-assured look. The ears are large and stand erect, open at the front and parallel, but they often are pulled back during movement.

They have a long neck, which is raised when excited and lowered when moving at a fast pace. The tail is bushy on the underside, and forms a slightly curved sabre-shape reaching to the hock when at rest. (Via Wikipedia)


Responses to "Zoey the German Shepherd Pup Convinces Dad to Play (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Same question here: why are the others in cage????? :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because they would probably cause to much commotion and tear the house apart or the mom would get protective and fight

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cute!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL very cute!! He kept picking up toys to try to get the little one to play with a toy!! The kid was having none of it. rofl

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