Beneath its fluffy exterior, the owl is an adorable, killer bird of prey.

Ze Frank gives us an owl reality check with all the facts you need to know about their sharp talons, vicious methods for killing, and infinite cuteness.

A Great Horned Owl weighs about 3 ½ - 4 pounds. Its two eyes together weigh about 25.7 grams (almost an ounce), more than the eyes of a 200-pound human.

Snowy Owls weigh about 4 pounds. But the Great Gray Owl, which is larger than the Great Horned or Snowy Owl, weighs only 2-3 pounds. A starving Great Gray Owl was recovered that weighed only ¾ pound.

Owl necks are longer and skinnier than they look. The long, thick feathers that cover the neck make it look short and fat. Owls can twist their necks to turn their heads about 270 degrees—about ¾ of a full circle—without moving their shoulders.

Owls don't have eyeballs. The eyes are long and shaped more like a tube. Owl eyes can't turn in their sockets because of this shape.(Source)


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