This video of orphaned baby sloths squeaking at the camera will tug at your heart strings.

Are you ready for a magnificently enjoyable minute?

Lucy Cooke, the author of The Power Of Sloth, released one of the most adorable sloth videos ever this week. Cooke, the founder of Slothville and the Sloth Appreciation Society, released this video to celebrate her book release.

While the sloth is typically regarded as a lazy animal, Cooke explains on her site that "as busy bipedal apes I believe we have much to learn from their energy–saving ways."

The Power of Sloth is Lucy Cooke's celebration of the sloth: the cutest, cuddliest, slowest creature on this planet. In the book she brings together some truly adorable pictures of baby sloths, literally by the bucketful. These delightful, funny pictures are accompanied by a simple text which tells you all about sloths and why we should protect them. We also discover all about the work of the Avarios sloth sanctuary, which receives some of the proceeds from this book. This book has been a huge success in the USA, selling over 50,000 copies.


Responses to "Did You Know That Baby Sloths Squeak? (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    so cute

  2. A major cute attack from which there is no coming back :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    these babies are so cute, endangered by roadways they have been rescued.

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