It appears that Elephants are completely self aware, just like we humans are!

Elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors, according to a new study. Humans, great apes, and dolphins are the only other animals known to possess this form of self-awareness.

All of these animals also lead socially complex lives and display empathy—concern and understanding of another's feelings—researchers report.

"There seems to be some correlation between an ability to recognize oneself in a mirror and higher forms of social complexity," said Joshua Plotnik, a graduate student in psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Plotnik, mirror self-recognition is a trait only known among animals that are thought to lead highly complex social lives, which may require a sense of self-awareness and the display of emotions like empathy.

"Recognition of the self may allow you to take yourself out of the picture and see yourself as separate from others," he explained.

Plotnik and colleagues add that documentation of mirror self-recognition in elephants suggests that self-awareness has evolved independently in elephants, dolphins, humans, and great apes, which include orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees.(Source)

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