Monique Pool, founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname.

Monique has been rescuing two-toed and three-toed sloths for the last few years, and rehabilitating them in her home in Suriname, South America. Around two sloths pass through Monique’s sloth sanctuary per week.

She releases them back into the wild within a couple of days unless they are injured and need further care.

When some land was cleared in 2012, Monique expected to rescue 14 sloths - but ended up with 200.

“When I walk from my bathroom to the kitchen, I see sloths hanging all over the place.” she told

Monique is concerned about the sloths’ rapidly depleting habitat in Suriname. Suriname is in an area which includes around 25% of the world’s natural forest, and produces up to 15% of the world’s fresh water.

Conservation International is an environmental charity, and a partner of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname. It is working on several projects to protect forests and freshwater in the country. (Source)


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