Huge herd of elk crossing the road in Bozeman, Montana near Yellowstone. Wait for the young elk at the end

This is a great video. Local resident Austin Stonnell records a herd of elk crossing the road in Bozeman, Montana, near Yellowstone National Park. The North American elk, while one of the most common land mammals, does not usually gather in groups this large when traveling.

One of the elk just couldn’t jump the fence. It tried and tried, and just couldn’t do it. The stuck elk starts around the one minute mark.

 It’s painful to watch it try again and again, to no avail, to jump the fence.

But rest assured, the elk finally makes it. What was most astonishing was that several of the elk appear to have waited for the straggler.  (Source)

Scientists say you shouldn't worry about a massive volcanic eruption at Yellowstone National Park after a recently posted YouTube video got some people fearing The worst.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see that! so glad the last one finally made it over, and that some waited.

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