A wildlife photographer was lucky to capture a polar bear and its cub emerging from their den after eight days of watching it in Canada.

Christine Haines thought she was out of luck in catching sight of them but her patience in the biting cold of the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba was rewarded when she managed to steal a few snaps of a first a cub, then its mother peeking out of their hole.

Christine told Rex Features: "I was there to photograph polar bear mothers and cubs emerging from their den. I watched a den for eight days in minus 40 degree temperatures with wind chill.

"The image I call 'Playing Peek-a-Boo with the Photographer' was the first time the cub looked out of its den. This was on day seven.

"Photographing wildlife can be challenging and frustrating, but I did capture the mother and cub peeking out of their den in nice lighting.

"It was reported to me that they final left the den on day 10. The mother hasn't eaten for approximately 8 months. They might stay around the den for a couple of days so the cub can build up its strength for the journey to Hudson Bay located by Churchill, Manitoba. Here she will hunt for seals."

Watch This Amazing Video of Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Emerging from Den

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  1. Unknown says:

    I wonder how deep/big their den was?

  2. Unknown says:

    I wonder how deep/big their den was?

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