Ohio Marine Credits Dog Saving His Life by Calling 911

An Ohio vet suffering from PTSD was saved after having a seizure, and his smart pooch is the one to rescue him. "He gets hyper like that right before I have a seizure," said Terry McGlade. Dispatchers were alerted when McGlade's dog "Major" called 9-1- 1 multiple times as his handler had a seizure.

He didn't bark, but they could tell something was wrong. McGlade says Major stepped on the screen for a few seconds and it was automatically set-up to call 9-1-1. "He actually was able to get the phone out of my pocket. I don't have the phone anymore, but there are teeth marks on the phone," McGlade said.

Major was waiting in the front yard for police, and when they arrived he took them to the back where McGlade was unconscious. After two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, McGlade was wounded by a road side bomb.

He got Major, a rescue dog trained to sense his seizures coming on and help him with PTSD McGlade calls the Pit Bull-Lab mix mutt his hero. "Right now, he is my world because he is an extension to my body, I don't think I could operate in the everyday world without him right now." Without Major, McGlade says he would have been in trouble. After a night in the hospital, the two are back on the street.


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