Ducklings who are only two-days-old are given their first dose of adventure with their mother, a Mandarin Duck, leading the way. Clearly not interested in pampering her little brood, she instinctively does what most wild mothers do.

NOTE: If you have rescued “orphaned” ducklings, they will need immediate care from a licensed rehabilitator who will raise them to be wild and return them to their environment when they are ready.

Because they are usually kept very warm (under Mother) when they are tiny chicks, the ducklings need to be placed in a warm, safe environment while they await transport and care at a facility.

This can be accomplished simply by placing the chicks in a tall cardboard box with a 60 watt light bulb overhead an d newspapers on the floor. To be safe, they should not have water or food in the box as improper feeding methods can cause serious or even fatal problems.

Baby ducks should never be force fed in a captive situation and is usually fatal to them.


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