Alpha male wolf plays with and regurgitates food for 4 pups in a high density brown bear (grizzly) feeding area of the katmai coast, Alaska.

Filmed by naturalist guide Brad Josephs

Despite their fearsome reputation as apex predators, male wolves are attentive, monogamous and fiercely protective dads that live with their she-wolves for life. A wolf pack is essentially a classic nuclear family consisting of a mom, dad and kids.

After a female wolf gives birth, she sticks close to her helpless pups and doesn't leave her den for several weeks. Dad stands guard and hunts for food to share with his new family, and doesn't skimp when it comes to sharing edibles with his progeny.

Whereas a female wolf will regurgitate meat to share with a litter (pups can start eating meat at three weeks), dad will provide entire pieces of fresh kill. As a young pup grows, dad takes on the role of stern, sometimes playful mentor helping integrate the pup into the pack.


Responses to " Alpha Male Wolf Plays and Feeds His Puppies (VIDEO)"

  1. Unknown says:

    We speak for our brother and sister wolves. Wolves deserve Endangered Species protection. They are elegant emissaries of Nature. Join us at Speak for Wolves, June 28-29, Arch Park, Gardiner, Montana, the Yellowstone Country.

  2. Unknown says:

    How come he starts out with 4 puppies & ends with 3 puppies? What happened to the 4th one?

  3. Mila Ug-S says:

    everything is fine ! four puppies !!! ))

  4. Tulip says:

    what a lovely post

  5. Unknown says:

    Such a beautiful video. These are such wonderful itelligent animals. Great to see the bond between the Alpha and the pups. Thanks for filming and uploading.

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