The touching moment a caring mother wallaby with a joey in its pouch offers a pigeon some of its lunch

Humans are often encouraged not to feed pigeons but this wallaby obviously didn't get the memo.

The caring marsupial was snapped offering up her lunch to an inquisitive looking feathery friend at Sydney's Featherdale Animal Park.

And as she held out her ice cream cone full of food, a cute little Joey peeked out from her mother's pouch.

The heart-warming scene was captured by 66-year-old photographer Ann Cameron, from Sydney, while on a family trip to the park.

'My granddaughter gave the wallaby the ice cream cone full of food, and the pigeon began eating,' said Ms Cameron. 'The wallaby put the cone down as if it was inviting the pigeon to have some.

'I love visiting the animal park and have often taken overseas visitors there as well.'

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  1. Seskenite says:

    Sweet Wallaby. We have been prevented from really seeing our fellow travelers on this planet.

  2. Que solidaria!!!

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