An abandoned leopard cub was given a rabbit to keep him company by his human caregivers.

Paulchen, a ten-month old black Amur leopard at Germany's Hodenhagen Serengeti wild animal park, was abandoned by his mother at birth and brought up by a human foster family.

So he wouldn't be lonely, the caregivers allowed a rabbit named Lisa to keep him company.

The two became great friends and play together all the time.

"In the morning they would be lying cuddled together on their little armchair and licking one another," said Regina Hamza, Paulchen's foster mother.

When the two are playing around, Hamaza said, Paulchen doesn't seem to recognize Lisa as a possible prey.

And watching the video, it is not always clear just who is chasing who through the enclosure.

But since the leopard might weigh 500 pound when full-grown, it's too dangerous to keep the two of them together indefinitely, so the human caregivers will separate the two friends and put them in their own enclosures at some point.


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