Robie the caracal  and Bear the bobcat snuggle at WildCat Haven Sanctuary in Oregon.

Two grumpy old wildcats find solace in each other’s company.

Note: Habitat destruction due to agriculture and desertification is a significant threat in central, west, north, and northeast Africa where caracals are naturally sparsely distributed.

It is also likely to be the main threat in the Asian part of its range. As caracals are capable of taking small domestic livestock, they are often subject to persecution. Severity of depredation appears to be dependent on the availability of wild prey and husbandry techniques.

In Iran, the killing of small livestock has brought the caracal into serious conflict with local people, who sometimes make efforts to eradicate it. The cat has never been recorded to be killed in road incidents, and no severe poaching pressure on it appears to happen.

Responses to "Unlikely Animal Friends: The Bobcat and the Caracal (VIDEO)"

  1. Are they male or female? And who's male and who's female? This I'm sure plays an important part. : )

  2. Anonymous says:

    why they are not in the wild ?? because of humans ,
    again , and again ....and again ...

  3. Heath says:

    Both male

  4. Unknown says:

    of course animals need companionship

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