Two Georgia men got a bit of a side job while working on a landscaping project last week.

Andy Wooten said he and his brother-in-law were at a property in Putnam County when they heard what sounded like a baby crying, coming from the woods.

The two men walked closer, and Wooten said he saw a deer by the water of the Oconee River.

“That’s when we realized it was a distress call coming from the fawn,” Wooten said. “The deer ran off as we went into the woods to go see what was wrong with the fawn.”

It took the men about 10 minutes to find what they were looking for.

“We were right on top of them. We could hear them but we couldn’t see them,” he said. “I was probably 3 yards away from it and it went to call and gargled on the water in the lake. I went straight to it and called my brother-in-law over.”

That’s when Wooten said he kicked off his shoes and got into the water to rescue the tiny deer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this site!!! Instead of all the bad things we are reminded of everyday done by our fellow humans, here is a place where one can go and see that there are a lot of really really good people out there. Ones that care about all life and being protectors instead of destroyers. All of you really deserve gratitude and thanks for not just saving all these creatures, but for restoring my faith (anyway) in human nature.

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