Watch a Pool Repairman Save a Drowning Squirrel's Life by Giving It CPR

When Rick Gruber saw a squirrel drowning in a pool last month, he did something most people would never consider: he pulled the tiny animal out of the water and performed CPR.

"C'mon little guy. You can't die," Gruber, a pool repairman who lives in Phoenix, Ariz., told the waterlogged squirrel as he tried reviving it.

In an hour-long YouTube video that captures the rescue, Gruber can be seen draping the adorable critter -- which, according to CNN, is a round-tailed ground squirrel -- over a plastic pipe before gently pressing on its ribcage in an attempt to find its lungs.

Incredibly, Gruber's efforts paid off.

"I know you probably feel like crap," the hero told the squirrel as it started to stir. "You were just dead."

Gruber says he's since earned the nickname "Squirrel Whisperer." He insists, however, that his love for animals is not limited by species.

"I would do [CPR] for anybody. A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything," Gruber told CNN.

Responses to "Pool Repairman Saves Squirrel With CPR (VIDEO)"

  1. E.SON.E says:

    My hero

  2. Sabine says:

    aaah, what a wonderful man!

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG,He is a kind hearted man with a big heart!! God Bless you for being a animals savor! We need more people like you in this world!! :) :)

  4. Unknown says:

    He's an angel. What an amazing man.

  5. Unknown says:

    media! making fun of it all...dumb.....BUT Thumbs up for that man who stopped what he was doing to save a matter how small.

  6. That's quite an extraordinary action in this time and days... Respect for all is so important and to rescue that small little one shows so much compassion!

  7. Anonymous says:

    No video, just black screen. Oh well, hope the little critter was ok.

  8. Morgana says:

    Gruber, you are a very kind man, God bless you

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