Abandoned child, dog teach each other how to trust

Nine-year-old Eden White and her family had been trying to cope with her night terrors for years when a dog named Marvin came along and changed everything. The girl and her rescued dog have a lot in common. Both were abandoned as babies and both hate to be left alone. Fate brought the pair together and they have been helping each other ever since.

Eden was abandoned at a bus stop in China when she was just 5 days old. She was adopted by Kathyrn and Kirk White when she was 9 months old. The Whites told The Topeka Capital-Journal that as a toddler, Eden began to wake up screaming, terrified of being left alone. She was experiencing night terrors, something that sometimes happens to children who experience abandonment at a very young age. It affected the entire family until last year, when the Whites decided to get Eden a dog she had always wanted.

Enter Marvin. The puppy was dying from starvation, worms and dysentery when he was rescued by Maureen Cummins of Second Chance Animal Refuge Society in Auburn, Kansas. She slowly nursed him back to health and when the Whites called, Maureen thought Marvin would be a good match for Eden.

Eden and Marvin had an instant connection but Eden's mom, Kathryn, told The Topeka Capital-Journal she needed some convincing. Then she overheard Eden talk to Marvin and decided to adopt him. She overheard Eden tell her new friend, "It's OK. Marvin, I got left behind, too, once. But sometimes, God does that so you can end up in the family you’re supposed to be in."

Since then, Marvin has become a beloved member of the family and Eden no longer has night terrors and Marvin, who was easily startled before, has settled down. The 9-year-old told the newspaper that they are so close because they are alike and they don't like to be alone.

"The point was for him to make her feel more secure, but I think she’s done that for him, too," Kathryn said. “When you’ve got somebody who needs you, you’re not so focused on what you need anymore."

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  1. Unknown says:

    Two lives improved. Thank God.

  2. Unknown says:

    Two lives improved. Thank God.

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