Dog Buried by Mudslide Found Alive 18 Hours Later

Early morning on May 31, 2014, San Pedro Necta, Guatemala, experienced a devastating mudslide after various days of torrential rain. The landslide claimed the lives of five people. Military rescuers worked tirelessly for hours, excavating to locate missing and trapped persons, what they never imagined is that 18 hours after the natural disaster occurred, they would rescue a buried but alive dog.

Local authorities said more than 86 homes sustained damages from the landslide. They also classified other areas close by prone to experience a similar disaster. In response to this tragedy, the government sent its military forces to aide with the rescue mission, and it was a group of soldiers who successfully rescued the trapped pet.

While the hero rescuers excavated an area they overheard the cries of a dog. Following the sound they moved to where the sounds were coming from and started digging. Soon enough they found the dog.

In the video you could hear the soldiers were concerned with the life of the animal. One of the heroes was a bit hesitant thinking the pet in distress would bite him, but you can hear another soldier reassuring the first that the dog would not turn violent.

“He won’t bite you because you are helping him,” said the rescuer.

Once the soldiers dug an area large enough for the dog’s head to move freely, the pet crawled to freedom.

The canine lost his owners in the landslide, but he found his guardian angels and hero rescuers in the compassionate soldiers.


Responses to "Rescuers save dog buried alive in mudslide for over 18 hours (VIDEO) "

  1. jayjay55 says:

    Hope the statement "he lost his owners" only means they are not dead just misplaced and that he finds them again.God bless those rescuers.

  2. Mila Ug-S says:

    Yes! God bless the rescuers!

  3. Mila Ug-S says:
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  4. Unknown says:

    Its really neat to see that those guys took time to get the dog out. So many people would have said " its just a dog, who cares"

  5. Unknown says:

    Yup, that's a good rescue, now, I just hope he and his owners find each other.

  6. margaret says:

    Earth angels once again thank you :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    so wonderful that they helped the poor dog.may God bless them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How touching. These men deserve a big hug! Great rescue and story.

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