This is a one-hour documentary about the 1920s Hominy Indians football team that defeated the defending National Football champions, New York Giants in 1927.

There was an All-Native American Professional Football team in Oklahoma during the 1920's and early '30's. Consisting entirely of Native blood to form a team called 'The Hominy Indians'.

Twenty-two different tribes were represented, some played for one game, some for years.

Founded and financed by two Osage brothers, Ira and Otto Hamilton. They had a 22 game winning streak and had the chance of a lifetime to play against the World Champions, the New York Giants, in 1927. John Levi, was their star player and then coach. Jim Thorpe called him the greatest athlete he had ever seen.

Adam Beach is seen in a publicity photo for upcoming films based on the Hominy Indians, an Oklahoma-based, semi-professional football team of the 1920s. Fully Funded Films/IndieInFilms - 

What happens during the pre-game speech by the Coach to inspire this team to dig deep is a speech so motivating that it will be used in locker rooms for generations to come. This is their story.

- Written by Executive Producer Celia Xavier 

Playground of the Native Son (Official Trailer) from Brenton Covington on Vimeo.

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    So they shall live in spirit and memory

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    Always remembering our pass, then keep moving forward. Proudspirit @frybreadtacos

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