These bear cubs have mastered the art of climbing on the hammock, but staying on is another story.

Black bears apparently are drawn to hammocks - in the last several years, there have been several photos and videos posted on the Internet of the animals playing in backyard hammocks.

In one of the more adorable videos, two baby black bears are shown playing around in a hammock in a person's backyard - and the only thing cuter than two baby black bears playing on a hammock is two baby black bears falling out of a hammock, which is exactly what happens in the video.

Although found in the largest numbers in wild, undisturbed areas and rural regions, black bears can adapt to surviving in some numbers in peri-urban regions as long as they contain easily accessible foods and some vegetative coverage.

In most of the contiguous United States, black bears today are usually found in heavily vegetated mountainous areas, from 400 to 3,000 m (1,300 to 9,800 ft).


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