Valley Natives is an organization devoted to building a strong sense of community among the native and non-native people with an emphasis on indigenous culture and knowledge.

Valley Natives fosters an urban Native community and coordinates to collectively provide information, resources, cultural awareness, and educational news.

The Valley Natives organizes and correlates by the enlightenment of activities, social functions, such as entertainment, conventions, and workshops.

Events provide an informal and safe place for people to gather and dialogue around important issues; to connect with others within the community who are equally concerned about the state of the world and to have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas.

Valley Natives is designed for urban Natives to mobilize as one community. The late Vine Deloria Jr. wrote the the young Urban population are going to retribalize using the methods of our ancestors. By sharing events we can use the resources of our location to socialize and form new relationships based on kinship values.

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