These Mexican gray wolf pups are members of the rarest wolf in the world and the rarest mammal in North America.

Born in the safety of captivity. Raised wild. Intended for release in the Mexican gray wolf recovery area. One little 14 week old pup in the Perkins Pack gets a bath from Mom.

 The Perkins pack at the Endangered Wolf Center. Center preserve and protect Mexican gray wolves, red wolves and other endangered canids with purpose and passion through carefully managed breeding, reintroduction and inspiring education programs.

The Endangered Wolf Center offers a rare opportunity for you to become a member of the exclusive group of people who have actually named one of the rarest animals in the world. Names must be approved by the center (so there is no duplication) and the name should be dignified and appropriate to the species. Once a name is approved it becomes the animal's name on the official world wide record book (stud-book). Call (636) 938-5900 for details (and to make sure there is a wolf available for naming).

The Endangered Wolf Center's residents consist solely of endangered canids (members of the dog family) and it is the only facility in North America that specializes in endangered or threatened canids


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