Liz Lemon Helps Penny Calm Down

This little hot dog is just all over the place! It’s super soothing to watch his calm cat friend give him a little hug, turning him from tasmanian devil to nap time-ready. Watch this animal pair have one of their cuter moments.

Introducing a Cat and a Dog

Some dogs do fine living with cats; others simply cannot live safely with felines. Even if the dog has cat experience and the cat has lived with a dog before, proceed cautiously during the first introduction. It’s best to have two people present, one to intervene with each animal if necessary. If you have more than one dog, introduce each dog separately to the cat.

The dog should be held on a loose lead. One person should watch the dog’s body language and the other should watch the cat’s. If the cat is not acting aggressively (raising his back, hissing) toward the dog, he can be allowed to move around freely.

 A cat is rarely a threat to a dog, but there are some cats who will meet dogs aggressively. If the dog is not acting aggressively toward the cat, then you can ask the dog to sit, or lie down and stay, while the cat moves around freely, sniffing the dog if he wishes. The dog should be praised and rewarded if she ignores the cat.

By Sherry Woodard, animal behavior consultant


Responses to "Adorable Cat Calms Down Excited Dachshund (Video)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Animals are good teachers to humans

  2. dynah says:

    the only problem with your written theory about introducing a dog & a cat, is the cat. My cat can be Dr Jeckyl one moment & Mr. Hyde the next. My dog has just learned to let the cat call the shots & shows him the uttermost respect. Coi kitty will tippy toe up on the dog, push his ear against the dogs mouth..that means "clean my ears", the dog does. If he approaches Coi and tries, he gets batted. He always looks so hurt, lol.

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