Sleepy Husky is a warm bed for cat

 Farina The Cat thinks Maeby the Siberian Husky will make the perfect bed. And if Maeby the Siberian Husky has a problem with that, that’s gonna be too bad.

That’s how Farina The Cat rolls.

Note: Can Cats and Siberian Huskies Live Together?

A Siberian husky is a highly active, medium-sized, muscular dog with high prey drive. For your skeptical kitty, that normally means when Fluffy moves, Tundra pursues. Some huskies may never be able to live safely with a cat, but with proper introduction and training, some can.

Discuss the pets you plan to adopt with the breeder or shelter manager. For example, ask if a Siberian husky you're considering has been tested for signs of prey aggression around cats. Before you adopt a kitty, learn whether she is outgoing and comfortable around dogs. Set your new pets up for success before they even meet by choosing individuals that are highly likely to be compatible.


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  1. bmfilip2 says:

    They look so cute together. The poor husky looks like it ain't no big deal. That it is normal.. Thank you for sharing this & the info. I did not know that about a husky.

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