For such spiky little critters, hedgehogs can be pretty cute. This is no more evident than when they're being tickled.

This behavior is called "uncurling" -- a nervous hedgehog will be curled up in a tight ball. A hedgehog enjoying a good scratch will uncurl.

Hedgehogs are wonderful little creatures that have unique habits and personalities. Their response to you will depend on how you handle them and how you respond to their needs. You will need to learn to respond to your hedgehog’s subtle way of communicating and adapt to their prickly protectiveness.

Our human nature is to want to reach out and touch or pet our prickly friends. Naturally shy, hedgies will require you to earn their trust before they accept your handling. Once hedgehogs are comfortable with you they will appreciate your affection.

Natural Curiosity

Once your hedgehog is picked up, out in the open, and simply being held, curiosity will most likely get the best of your hedgie and it will begin to uncurl and stick its head out to see where it is and what is going on. (Source)


Hedgehog Tickling & Face Massage

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