Mishka the Husky has an answer to all her human's questions especially when she's asked if she's stupid.

Of course Mishka's human's are just kidding...Mishka is very well loved and one smart dog. She also loves to talk. She'll tell you if she wants to go to the park and will have deep conversations with her buddy Laika. (Source)

A talking animal or speaking animal refers to any non-human animal which can produce sounds (or gestures) resembling those of a human language. Many species or groups of animals have developed forms of Animal Communication Systems (ACS) which to some appear to be a verbal language.

These are not defined as language in the human sense—they lack grammar, syntax, recursion, and displacement. Studies in animal cognition have been successful in teaching some animals speech or sign, similar to sign language, but not defined as such.

A "formal language" requires a communication with a syntax as well as semantics. It is not sufficient for one to communicate information or even use symbols to communicate ideas. It has yet to be demonstrated that any animal species has developed a formal language, or been able to learn a formal language.


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  1. bmfilip says:

    That is so cute. And one very smart husky.

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