Meet "Bilbo," The Lifeguard Dog Who Can Swim 1,300 Feet In Under 7 Minutes

Bilbo the Newfoundland dog, is more than just an ordinary dog. He's a lifeguard.

Bilbo, a beautiful and powerful Newfoundland dog, is so much more than just a pup! He’s also a life-saving swimming machine! Just watch as he shows off his amazing swimming skills.

His human companion, Steve, is a lifeguard, and Bilbo goes with Steve to train everyday. Lifeguards have to be able to swim 400 meters in under 7 and a half minutes, and, as the video states, this is no problem for Bilbo, apparently!

Newfoundlands’ original “job” was to be “first mate” to fisherman, and, thus, many modern Newfoundlands have a love for the water and saving other beings in distress.

In other words, Bilbo’s lifeguard abilities are very natural! He’s the “perfect design for a life-saving dog” with his massive tail that can work like a rudder and an essentially “waterproof” coat. What an amazingly beautiful and talented dog! We’d feel safe in any waters Bilbo was watching over for sure!


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