Turtle And Dog Play Keep-Away With Ball. Turtle Wins!

The dog seems equally surprised by the intelligent and agility of his new hard-shelled friend. By the end of the video, it seems the pup has given up and lets the turtle take the ball!

Of all the reptiles, turtles are the most beloved. And what’s not to love? These animals have adorable facial expressions, attractive patterns on their shells, and gentle habits.

Each species has slightly different requirements, but proper care is within the capabilities of most people. That said, taking in a turtle means you’re into pet-care for the long haul.

Any pet needs consistent care for his or her entire natural lifetime. That might be a couple years for a guppy or thirty years for a horse or eighty years for some of the parrots. Turtles are on the high end. Keeping a turtle as a pet is a long-term commitment. Indeed, a healthy turtle might outlive you. Make arrangements for his care, before the time comes when you are no longer able to keep him.


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