Ever opened your door to find yourself nose-to-nose with a mother black bear?

That’s what happened to Laura Combee one Sunday afternoon in Lake County, Florida. When she heard strange noises outside, Combee told The Huffington Post, she opened the door to find a mother bear and two cubs. After grabbing her iPhone to capture this video, she saw the bears walking away.

When she started talking to them, however, the trio of bears turned back into the yard and came right up to her door. The video shows the two cubs playfully climbing a tree and investigating the porch.

Combee said she knows of as many as 8 different bears in the area, but this one seems to be especially unafraid of people. “I fear for these particular bears and their friendly nature,” she said. Combee knows that trash is unsecured and people often don’t think about leaving scraps outside.

She also said that, though the video was taken at quite a close angle, she stood behind a heavy door to capture the video and never felt threatened by the bears.


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