This baby fox got itself hopelessly caught in a cricket net in someone's backyard, and was unable to escape without human help.

The trapped cub kept twisting and turning, becoming further entangled. Fortunately, a rescuer from the Wildlife Aid Foundation, which has been coming to the aid of the U.K.'s wild animals for more than 30 years, came to help extract the fox from the net.

In the video, shot with a GoPro camera, the rescuer says he saw the baby's parents run off when he entered the backyard, so there's hope that the little one could easily join them once freed.

Initially, the poor baby was pretty distressed...

... but after some strategic use of protective gloves and a pair of pliers, the cub was off to rejoin its foxy family in their den.

Enjoy the freedom, little one, and stay away from nets!


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    that was charming! love it!

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