What do you think this dog‬ is dreaming about? Whatever It is, it must smell and taste delicious.

Roxy must've smelled something extra tasty during her afternoon nap.

NOTE: As humans, dreaming is a common occurrence in which we may relive the minutiae of the day or even be exposed to a bizarre combination of experiences. We know that our dogs are similar to us in many ways but, have you ever considered that your dog might be dreaming as well? Recent studies suggest that our canine friends may have a very active dream life.

It is most likely that dogs dream about the events of the day whether it be a fun frisbee game or being given a delicious morsel of bacon. Interestingly, studies also suggest that different sized dogs dream differently. For example, smaller breeds, like a a toy Poodle or Pug, may dream more frequently than larger breeds, like the Golden Retriever.

Also, new puppies dream more often due to the fact that they are experiencing new things everyday. Furthermore, dogs that have been traumatized by certain events such as suffering an injury, sickness or abuse, have been found to relive these frightening experiences in their dreams even years after. This may be due to the fact that a dog’s life is typically not replete with traumatic experiences and this trauma can leave a very lasting impression. (Source)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    "First let me smell it, then let me gobble it up!". So cute!

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