A handful of teams that have many players of Polynesian descent perform the Haka, a traditional Maori war dance from New Zealand, before games.

One of these teams is Arizona. Like they’ve done for a few years, the squad will perform the Haka in front of the Wildcats’ student section “immediately before kickoff” at each home game this season. We can only hope that head coach Rich Rodriguez joins them.

If you want to embody the spirit of a Maori warrior and get pumped up in your living room this fall, some of Arizona’s Polynesian players, led by sophomore defensive lineman Sani Fuimaono, can teach you how the Haka is done.

Arizona’s season opens up against UNLV next Friday, August 29. That gives you a week to learn the Haka. Good luck.


Responses to "Arizona's Polynesian players teach us how to do the Haka (VIDEO)"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome ~ love me some Polynesian men!! WOW!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is such an embarrassment to Maori...culture thieves at their worst !....its so bad its not funny, wrong words, wrong interpretation of what haka is to Maori...just wrong !.. ko tenei he panui pouri ki enei tangata kuari....ko te haka Ka mate ka mate he tino taonga ki nga iwi Maori, horekau he jingle mo nga tima whutupaoro o Arizona !

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