Australian firefighter performs CPR on koala to bring critter back to life

Incredible video shows the rescue Down Under after the koala was hit by a car and hid in a tree. The cuddly critter fell from the tree but was revived by fire crews, including one who had previously performed CPR on a dog.

A wildlife rescuer has saved the life of a koala by giving it CPR after a dramatic rescue in which the animal was flung from a tall tree to its waiting rescuers.

The koala was hit by a vehicle while crossing a road in Langwarrin, in Melbourne’s southeast, on Thursday night. It then scurried up a tree and passed out.

A motorist called Wildlife Victoria, which enlisted the help of the Country Fire Authority to get the koala down from the tree.

Video of the rescue shows a firefighter on an elevated platform throwing the koala down to colleagues, who put it in the recovery position.

A Wildlife Victoria volunteer gave the koala heart massage and then mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The fire authority team also administered oxygen. Their efforts were successful; the koala revived and started growling at his rescuers.

He has been named Sean, after a CFA volunteer. It was initially thought the marsupial was Sir Chompsalot, a well-known local koala. Amy Amato, spokeswoman for Wildlife Victoria, was hopeful the koala would survive.

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