Two Reddit Users Photographed This Duck and Dog Duo on Paris Streets.

A lovable dog and duck pair are reaching a bit of Internet fame after two separate Reddit users discovered they both posted photos of them online. The photos were taken around the same time and almost in the same place.

Reddit user gmwdrumbum posted a photo of the two napping together in the streets of Paris, a photo they had taken about four years and two months ago. Then, in an odd twist of fate, Reddit user bettythedinosaur realized they had also taken a photo of the same pair about four years ago, but just a month or two apart.

The duck and the dog are an unlikely pair, and it is so sweet to see them latch onto each other for companionship.

Images’ source: gmwdrumbum/ Reddit and Nabiha Dahhan

It looks like they even take turns when it comes to naptime. While the dog takes his moment to rest his eyes, the duck guards him, awaiting any person who might try to harm the friend.

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