All hope is lost when her dog returns home without her; then the dog leads rescuers to the missing 3-year-old, who was called the miracle girl

A little girl lost in a remote region of Siberia inhabited by bears and wolves survived 11 days in the subarctic forest by eating wild berries and drinking river water before her dog finally left her side to summon help, leading rescuers to her location.

Karina Chikitova, 3, wandered away from her home in a remote village of the Sakha Republic on July 29, according to The Siberian Times

Her mother believed Karina and her dog had followed her father, Rodion, who had left to go to his native village. Because there were no phone connections, it wasn’t until four days later that the family discovered Karina was missing, prompting a massive search.

Sakha is said to be Siberia’s coldest region in winter, but this time of year overnight temperatures were about 42 degrees Fahrenheit, though some parts were colder. Karina hugged her dog and huddled up in the tall grass to stay warm, but that made it difficult for rescuers to spot her from helicopters and drones.

Two days before Karina was found, her dog returned to the girl’s home in the village Omon in the Olyokminsky district. The dog that led rescuers to the little girl lost in Siberian forest.

Responses to "Little girl survives 11 days in Siberian wilderness, saved by her dog "

  1. Anonymous says:

    It's amazing how a pet can still do such wonderous things that all of todays technology can not do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Truly man's best friends.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Technology could have helped a tonne if they had phones. This does not undervalue the dog's accomplishment but if it was my son I would like to be able to know he is lost and alone four days in advance!!!

  4. Unknown says:

    Her dog looked after her and kept her warm. God was with her all the time and that is why she can truly be called a MIRACLE CHILD. I am so glad to know that God continues to look after us and our innocent wee/young children.

  5. Beautiful story. Dogs truly are protectors of all humans. The young girl was also very smart to eat berries and drink water and that was probably part of her teaching from mother, father and village.

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